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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: May 24, 2023

At International Income Group LLP (Kings League), we are your one-stop destination for all your branding and web development needs. Our mission is to help you build a strong online presence, enhance your brand identity, and provide you with top-notch design and development solutions. Here’s how we ensure a seamless and trusted experience for our client :

Services Descriptions

Branding | Logo Design | Content Creation | Website Development

At International Income Group LLP (Kings League), we offer a diverse range of creative services, including branding, logo design, content creation, and website development. We believe in setting clear expectations for our clients right from the start. Our detailed product descriptions, accompanied by visual examples, provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect when partnering with us.

Contact Information

Our commitment to clear communication is unwavering. We offer multiple ways to get in touch with us, ensuring you can reach out to us at your convenience. You can contact us through direct email, phone calls, or contact us page – because we value low-friction communication to provide you with a stellar customer experience.

Transparency and Trust

At International Income Group LLP (Kings League), we believe that being clear and fair in our policies goes a long way in building trust with our clients. Our policies include 14 days refund and cancellation guidelines to ensure your peace of mind when you choose our services.

Your Data, Your Privacy

We take data privacy seriously. Our privacy policy outlines how we handle and protect your data, ensuring compliance with global privacy laws and giving you the assurance that your information is secure when you work with us.

Trust through Transparency

We are a real and credible business, and we’re proud to display our physical address on our website. This transparency is a testament to our commitment to trust and accountability.

Promotion and Discount Disclosure

Our promotions, discounts, and trials are designed to benefit you. We clearly disclose the terms and conditions associated with these offers, so you can confidently participate without any confusion or disputes.

Your Security is Our Priority

We understand the importance of securing your payment information. Our website follows strict security standards, including the use of HTTPS, to protect your data. When you do business with us, you can trust that your payment information is handled safely.

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